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March 2023

======> Please know that if our website overcharges you on shipping, we add product to make up the difference. We have done this for years. Calculating the shipping and getting a correct price ahead of time is next to impossible. We work to get the best shipping price on each and every order. Thanks. <========

In 2023, we will be taking orders on a quarterly basis. They will be pre-order and pre-pay.

Our 1st ordering date starts today, 3/2 and runs through 3/17. This will allow folks 2 weeks to get their orders to us. Our plans are then to take orders again in June or July. The last time we will take orders will be in September/October. We will only be making soap 3 times this year.

Since this is new for all of us, we will see if the 2 week window works and adjust accordingly.

We are offering soaps, lotion, lip balms and inhalers. Soaps must be ordered in batches which is 10 or 12 bars per batch. Think a batch of cookies :-) .

Once we get orders in, we will start making soap. Once the soap is made, it will take almost a month to cure. We will contact you when you soap is made and when to expect it.

On January 22, USPS, which is our method of shipping, discontinued our Regional Rate boxes. This was yet another hurdle to get over. We are charging the best we can. If we have overcharged you on shipping, we will add extra product.

In the past we have offered "in-store pickup" for local folks. We are still offering this, but please understand, we are no longer stocking retail locations as were in the past and that is when we usually tried to meet up with folks. If you are asking for "in-store pickup", please prearrange this before placing your order.

Thank you so much for years and years and years of support!

We are in Junktique General Store in Kernersville and at this point, we do not have an exit date. They have the best supply of our products at a local level.

Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery in Germanton, just placed a large order for our goat milk soaps and also got the last of our lip balms (for now). Buffalo Creek sells only our goat milk soaps.

Brookhaven Mill Farm in Greensboro, carries a small supply of our soaps. Please call for availability.