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Gift Sets from Long Family Farm, LLC

We love to pair our products and create gift sets.

However, we always encourage you to create your own by visiting "Our Collections" page, where products have been paired by scent. You can select the scent and order the products of your choosing.

Create your own Gift Set ... Now Available.
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Gold Organza bag to be filled by you
Create Your Own Gift Set:

Start with 1 Gold Organza Bag and a Gift Tag

1) soap of your choice
2) Lip Balm of your choice.
3) 2-oz lotion
4) candle of your choice

You may selcet any or all of the above options.

You can fit a soap, lotion and lip balm in this bag. You can fit a candle, soap and lip balm in this bag. HOWEVER, you can't fit all 4 items in this bag.