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Coffee Goat Milk Soap
Coffee Goat Milk Soap with extra fine coffee grounds sprinkled on top.


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Our Coffee Soap is made with 50%Coffee and 50% Goat Milk and topped with Extra Fine Coffee Grounds. judith loves cream in her coffee, so we added goat milk to our Coffee Soap.

Our Coffee soap is a cold processed soap made from COFFEE and Goat Milk, coconut oil, olive oil, soybean oil, palm oil, cocoa butter
, Espresso Fragrance oil, sodium hydroxide topped with Extra Fine Coffee Grounds to a very gentle exfoliation.

Wt. 5.6 oz

Coffee has a number of benefits for the skin. We encourage you to search "benefits of coffee for the skin" using your favorite search engine.

Soap dish by Barbara Campbell of Wood 'n' Potter.