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Long Family Farm Bath Treats - CLOSEOUT
Long Family Farm Bath Treats in a clear bag


Product Code: BT

Bath Treat Scent:

9/1 - All closeouts are gone. Please check back soon to see our new design(s)

8/31 - We are in the process of changing the design of our Bath Treats. We are closing out most of what we have. They are 1) a little out of date 2) We no longer have soap to match 3) The shape we tried was a epic fail.

We have: Jasmine/Neroli - 2 bags of hearts and 4 "balls", Restful Moments - 2 bags of hearts, Eucalyptus/Spearmint - 1 bag of hearts, Coconut Mango Sunrise - 3 bags of flowers.

We will be bringing back our Bath Treats, with the new design, in October.

Long Family Farm Bath Treats

Long Family Farm Bath Treats can be used as:

1) Shower Steamers or Fizzies
2) Bath Bombs

If using as Shower Steamer: add 1 treat to far end of tub where it will not get the direct water from shower head, but will get wet.

Shower Steamer will melt away leaving a wonderful scent in the air.

If using as a Bath Bomb, simply add to the bath water.

Ingredients: Baking soda, Citric Acid, Kaolin or Bentonite Clay, Herbs (lavender buds or eucalyptus leaves or ground organic lemon peel), essential/fragrance oils, Mica color, witch hazel.