January 23, 2023

USPS (which is who we ship with) is discontinuing the REgional Rate Boxes which we have used Forever!!!  We have increased our rates to reflect what we will need to pay to ship.

We will look for an alternative to usps in the coming weeks.

We are so sorry!!!

Today (1/18/2023), I am announcing my transition into retirement.  

This retirement will be a work in progress.  Here is what I have decided so far:


1) We will be leaving retail locations on a shop by shop basis. If you have a favorite retail location, we suggest, you stop by soon.  We know that we will be leaving:

    a) Par Les Femmes at the end of January

    b) Dalton's Crossing at the end of February.

    c) We don't have dates for our other locations at this point, but when we do, we will          let you know.


2)  Our days of attending events are over. I love going to events!  I really do, but the hours are more than my 65 year old body wants, especially since it is just me. :-)


3)  We are still taking online orders via our website. 

This is where "it will be a work in progress" comes in. Many of our customers have been with us for 10 years or more.  We want to continue offering soap for all of 2023, but it will be on a more limited basis. Once a quarter, we will be making soap. You can pre-order and pre-pay and when your soap is ready we will ship.  Our quarterly dates have not been decided.  If this works well for all, we may continue longer.  No mater what, this will allow you time to find a new soapmaker should you choose to do so. 


We will be offering soaps, lotion and lip balms.

We can't thank you enough for your years of support!

All Long Family Farm, LLC products are made on our farm near the Sauratown Mountains in Stokes Co., North Carolina. We are in Germanton which is a small community northeast of Winston-Salem.

judith started making soap in 1998 and in 2016, after graduating from UNC-G with a business major, Morgan (our daughter) joined the company. We are now two (2) generations of soap makers working together to make the very best handmade soaps, lotion, & skin care products at affordable prices so more people can enjoy their benefits.

We make an all natural cold processed soap. Some soaps are goat milk and some of our soap is not. We do not have goats on our farm at this point, but we do source our goat milk locally.

All our products are made from scratch in small batches.

All Ingredients are listed on all products.

We do make a few soaps with fragrance oils; these soaps we do not list as All natural.

At Long Family Farm we have chosen to make seasonal soaps from soap molds. Different soaps to celebrate the different seasons of our lives. At Long Family Farm we believe that bath time should be fun for everyone all year long.

Check out our product line to see all the items available at Long Family Farm.

judith b. long

Email: judith@LongFamilyFarmSoaps.com
Phone: 336-831-5474

If making payment by check, mail to:
Long Family Farm, LLC
1265 Friendship Forest Dr.
Germanton, NC 27019
There is NO retail store at this location; thanks.